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Pay KSEB Current Bill Online - How To - Step by Step

Recently someone from my family wanted help to pay their KSEB bill online. Before this they used to go to the office and pay it. 

So here is a small 'How to' post on paying your Kerala State Electricity Board current bill. First you have to go the page on KSEB website designated for payments at 

KSEB Bill Payment - How To - Video

KSEB Bill Payment Page. 
 From the list, Choose your Electrical Section,

KSEB Current Bill Payment
KSEB Bill Payment Page
Then from the bill you received at home, enter the Bill and Consumer Numbers and Submit. 

Next you will be taken to a page, where you will be able to see the payment due.

From here you can click 'Proceed to Payment' option.

Now you will be redirected to your bank, Once you make the payment from your bank. You will be redirected to the transaction details page. 

Bill Payment Successful


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