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BSNL Broadband DSL link problem - How to fix

The DSL Link problem is a nightmare almost every BSNL broadband user has come across. The dsl link blinking and not being stable, frequent disconnections after a few minutes are symptoms of this problem. This is the most common problem faced by bsnl broadband users and is mostly caused by old cables, defective junction boxes or splitter. Rarely is the problem related to a defective modem. The first thing to do once you come across such a problem is to check the age of the bsnl cable, junction boxes and splitter. If they have been in use for many years it is advised to better get them replaced. Here are some troubleshooting tips to try and fix the connection.

Step 1: The first thing to do is to go to and login using 'admin' as both the username and the password. Once logged in Go to Management > Settings > Backup and backup the current configuration to a file.

Step2: Go to Device Info > Statistics > ADSL. You will be shown a lot of attributes like SNR Margin, Attenuation etc. 

Step 3: Compare the values in the page with the picture below.
BSNL Broadband SNR/Attenuation chart
 Step 4: A higher SNR value and lower Attenuation value is ideal for a very stable and good connection. Since you are having trouble your values should be somewhere between average and poor. 

Step 5: If your Attenuation value is above 50db, you have no other choice other than to replace your cable. It is probably very old. Same applies to SNR Margin value below 12db or 8db. 

Step 6: if your values are not as in Step 5. You could try out the following steps to try and improve your connectivity.

Step 7: Go to Advanced Setup > DSL. Here all modulations except AnnexM would be enabled. Now try disabling all of the modulations except G.Dmt. Now save and apply. If possible restart the modem once.

Step 8: Check if the connection is stable now, if not try disabling just Adsl2+ and Annex M, Keeping all others enabled. Now save and apply.

Step 9:  If the problem still persist, it is better to lodge a complaint with BSNL. And when the line-man comes to your home ask him to replace the cable and fix it permanently rather than doing temporary fixes that will become faulty again. If possible try replacing the splitter as well. A damaged junction could also be the villain. Make sure he replaces it, don't mind arguing with them because they are being paid to do this job and you are paying your hard earned money to get Internet from BSNL.
A few tips to ensure good connectivity are below,
  • Do not connect phone line directly to modem, Always use a Splitter.
  • Better not connect a phone to the splitter, a phone and a modem side by side in a splitter is known to cause frequent disconnections.
Please feel free to ask queries and provide tips to others here. This is a very common problem and let us hope that somebody would come up with a good solution soon.


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