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Download songs from 4Shared without login or register was once open and user didn't have to login to download files. It was almost a year ago that 4shared started asking users to login to download files. Now we have found a tweak that allows you to download songs and multimedia from 4shared without having to login or register a new account. All you need to have is the Mozilla Firefox Browser.

Step 1: Go to Mozilla Firefox. Download and install if you don't have it, It is far more secure than Chrome.

Step 2: Go to Download Helper add-on page and click Add to Firefox, and restart Firefox.

Step 3: Open the page of the 4shared song/video you want to download. 

Step 4: Click play on the flash player on the page.

Click play on the flash player.
Step 5: Now the download helper icon to the left of the address bar will get active. Click on it and you will be asked to save a file called 'preview.mp3' change the file name to the name of the song and save.

While the flash player streams click on download helper icon and save preview.mp3
 The 'preview.mp3' file you just downloaded is the same file you will get when you login and download. You can save a lot of time using download helper.

Geany IDE: The best lightweight IDE ever

geany developer tool code editor
Geany: The best lightweight and fast code editor available.
Geany is the best lightweight code editors i have come across on Linux. The best thing about Geany is that is lightweight, fast and as capable as IDE's like Eclipse, Netbeans or Aptana. Java and PHP both can be coded using this editor, while most prefer it for coding php than Java. Geany also supports many other major programming languages and scripting languages.

java program code in geany
Coding Java in Geany editor

Having used Netbeans and Aptana Studio in the past, I find Geany to be faster than both. Although Geany is lightweight, It is as capable as Netbeans and Aptana. Features of Geany are,

  • Cross platform IDE. 
  • Supports almost all major programming, markup and scripting lanugages.
  • Lightweight and fast.
  • Easy to install, configure and extend.
  • Comes in handy also as a good text editor.
  • Simple and elegant GUI.
Windows is available both on Linux and Windows, but the windows version misses out on a few features. You can download and install Geany for Windows from Geany can be installed on almost all popular Linux distributions, 

Ubuntu: open terminal and type sudo apt-get install geany to install Geany. Geany can also be installed from Ubuntu Software Center > Developer Tools.

Fedora: open terminal and type yum install geany to install geany on Fedora.

Start coding with the best lightweight developer IDE available on Linux.

XAMPP on 64bit Ubuntu [solved] - Installing 32bit libraries

XAMPP, still a 32bit package fails to run in 64bit linux. This problem can be fixed by installing 32bit libraries, this would make all 32bit packages work in your 64bit linux distro. Just follow these steps,

Step1: Go to Terminal.

           Type the following,
                   sudo apt-get install ia32-libs 
Step 2: Now the packages will be downloaded and installed

            Go back to terminal again and run the following command,
                       /opt/lampp/lampp start   

 XAMPP will be up and running on your 64bit Linux distribution now. Start coding :) 

See also: Install XAMPP on Ubuntu.

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