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Ubuntu for Phones - Competition for Android ?

Once Ubuntu for phones is officially out, Android operating system will see some competition at last. Today Android OS is the most widely preffered and used mobile operating system available. Ubuntu for phones is a concept that would be released by this year end or by the start of 2014 and has already caught the attention of Ubuntu lovers all over the world. Android lovers and tech experts though doesn't seem much impressed and a lot of forums on the internet says this could go down fast.

A video is out on Youtube which gives you a glance at the features that will available once the OS is out on mobile and the best thing we noticed is that it is very clean and beautiful with an easy to use GUI. Another important feature being offered is the security of linux in your pocket.

Promotional video released by Ubuntu

Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth is confident that this new mobile operating system has all it takes to be number one. There are already about 45000 native apps available for the system and has been designed to work with current generation android mobile phones. Apps will have the same core functionality that it has on a PC, and developers will be urged to make interfaces that would suit to a phone. The minimum requirements to run ubuntu for phones(as rumored) is as below,
  • Dual-core A9 ARM Processor
  •  1GB of RAM
  • 4GB Flash Storage + SD
  • 800×400 WVGA Screen
  • Multi-touch
The first release of this much awaited mobile OS will happen in late february and will only be available for the Galaxy Nexus. An installation image and it's source code is to be made available soon. Canonical seems to be all excited about this new launch and once the first release is made available to the public, we will get a clear picture of what is on offer. Even though ubuntu os is coming to phones, dual booting is still a distant dream in handsets. We are eagerly looking forward to such a development where one can use two operating systems on a phone like Android and Ubuntu.


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