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Flipkart Off-Campus Drive at Bangalore for Freshers/Entry-Level Candidates

Flipkart is hiring
Online Shopping Giant Flipkart is on the look out for Freshers and Entry Level Engineers for the role of Software Developer Engineer 1.

The job description is as below,

 Job Title: SDE I  

Job Location: Bangalore  

Experience: Freshers or folks with less than 2.5 years of experience.   

Role The Software Development Engineer's core responsibilities include working on highly-maintainable and unit tested software components/system that address real world problems. You will be working in a fast paced and agile work environment delivering quality solutions that have immediate business impact.

 Responsibilities You will assume complete ownership of the projects you deliver while collaborating with technical and non-technical stakeholders on all elements of the development process. You are expected to demonstrate good learnability and adopt technologies that help build large scale, performant, reliable and sustainable systems.

  • Excellent coding skills - should be able to convert design into code fluently
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Good understanding of data structures & algorithms and their space & time complexities
  • Strong hands-on and practical working experience with at least one programming language: C/Java/C++/C#
  • Strong technical aptitude and a good knowledge of CS fundamentals
  • Hands-on experience working with Databases and Linux platform is a plus
  • B Tech/ M. Tech in Computer Science, IT, IS or equivalent from a reputed college.
Apply at

 Tags: Jobs Career Opportunities Flipkart Freshers Experienced Off Campus Drive details Apply

UST Global Referral Drive 2013 Trivandrum/Cochin Details and Rounds

UST Global's new campus coming at Technopark Phase III
UST Global is hiring freshers via referral drives at Trivandrum and Cochin. The drive at Trivandrum is at Lourdes Matha College, Kuttichal and the one at Ernakulam is scheduled at FISAT, Angamally. It is rumored that they are hiring close to 550 freshers this year, and the referral drive has applicants from 2011, 2012 and 2013 batches of B.Tech and MCA students. 

There are three rounds and the rounds comprise of an online assessment test by . The test will have 60 questions to be answered in 60 minutes. The 60 questions are divided into four sections of 15 questions, and they are Aptitude, Reasoning, English, and Technical. Each section will have separate cut-offs. Make sure you attend all sections equally, a score of 75%(each section) or more will be essential to make it to the second round. The second round is Group Discussion(GD), and this will be where most people will be cut-off. GD will mostly have socially relevant topics and make sure you perform well in this round. Very few people make it out of the GD round and if you do, chances are that you will make it all the way. The next round will be a Tech+HR round. The tech questions would mostly be from programming like C, C++, Java and also from Databases. Questions will mostly be simple as they will provide you training once you are inside. When you are preparing for the drive make sure you prepare well for the first two rounds. 

FISAT campus can be reached by bus. After you reach Angamally take a bus from Angamally to Athirapally. You can also reach by taking buses to Kalady via Thuravoor and to Chalakudy via Azhakom. We wish you the very best.

We wish you the very best. :)

Anna University UG/PG All Semesters May/June 2013 Results Published

Anna University UG/PG May/June 2013 Results
The results of Anna University UG/PG ( B.E. / B.Tech ) Students for all semesters except 8th has been published at the Anna University website. You can check your result by going to the link and entering your university registration numbers. We wish all of you the very best. May you all have good results.

See result at :

Number of shares a link has on Facebook

SharedCount - Track URL shares on Social Networks.

There was a lot of traffic coming from Facebook to one of my blogs, but the traffic sources would show either or I had no idea of finding out how many people have shared or liked it on Facebook. My search ended at Quora, where users had listed out a few ways to find the solution. 

1. Take the link you want to check and append it behind , say the link is we append it to the url, which makes it . Now open this link and facebook will show you how many times the link has been shared. The result would look like,

   "id": "",
   "shares": 5
There is also another way, which is easier and more effective, You can use SharedCount service to check the link. The advantage of using ShareCount is that it not only shows you the number of Facebook shares, but also shares in other services like twitter, Google+, Pintrest, LinkedIn, Delicious and StumbleUpon. It still is not possible to exactly find out who or where the page has been shared.

BSNL Broadband DSL link problem - How to fix

The DSL Link problem is a nightmare almost every BSNL broadband user has come across. The dsl link blinking and not being stable, frequent disconnections after a few minutes are symptoms of this problem. This is the most common problem faced by bsnl broadband users and is mostly caused by old cables, defective junction boxes or splitter. Rarely is the problem related to a defective modem. The first thing to do once you come across such a problem is to check the age of the bsnl cable, junction boxes and splitter. If they have been in use for many years it is advised to better get them replaced. Here are some troubleshooting tips to try and fix the connection.

Step 1: The first thing to do is to go to and login using 'admin' as both the username and the password. Once logged in Go to Management > Settings > Backup and backup the current configuration to a file.

Step2: Go to Device Info > Statistics > ADSL. You will be shown a lot of attributes like SNR Margin, Attenuation etc. 

Step 3: Compare the values in the page with the picture below.
BSNL Broadband SNR/Attenuation chart
 Step 4: A higher SNR value and lower Attenuation value is ideal for a very stable and good connection. Since you are having trouble your values should be somewhere between average and poor. 

Step 5: If your Attenuation value is above 50db, you have no other choice other than to replace your cable. It is probably very old. Same applies to SNR Margin value below 12db or 8db. 

Step 6: if your values are not as in Step 5. You could try out the following steps to try and improve your connectivity.

Step 7: Go to Advanced Setup > DSL. Here all modulations except AnnexM would be enabled. Now try disabling all of the modulations except G.Dmt. Now save and apply. If possible restart the modem once.

Step 8: Check if the connection is stable now, if not try disabling just Adsl2+ and Annex M, Keeping all others enabled. Now save and apply.

Step 9:  If the problem still persist, it is better to lodge a complaint with BSNL. And when the line-man comes to your home ask him to replace the cable and fix it permanently rather than doing temporary fixes that will become faulty again. If possible try replacing the splitter as well. A damaged junction could also be the villain. Make sure he replaces it, don't mind arguing with them because they are being paid to do this job and you are paying your hard earned money to get Internet from BSNL.
A few tips to ensure good connectivity are below,
  • Do not connect phone line directly to modem, Always use a Splitter.
  • Better not connect a phone to the splitter, a phone and a modem side by side in a splitter is known to cause frequent disconnections.
Please feel free to ask queries and provide tips to others here. This is a very common problem and let us hope that somebody would come up with a good solution soon.

Anna University 8th Semester 2013 B.E/B.Tech Results published

Anna University

The results of Anna University 8th Semester have been published as usual it is not yet available at the University website but at the Schools9 website. Results of 8th semester alone has been published and it seems like the results of students having arrears have been withheld as of now.

The result will soon be live on the official website, till the students can check their results at . We wish you best of luck with your results.

The results for other semesters are now available.

Download songs from 4Shared without login or register was once open and user didn't have to login to download files. It was almost a year ago that 4shared started asking users to login to download files. Now we have found a tweak that allows you to download songs and multimedia from 4shared without having to login or register a new account. All you need to have is the Mozilla Firefox Browser.

Step 1: Go to Mozilla Firefox. Download and install if you don't have it, It is far more secure than Chrome.

Step 2: Go to Download Helper add-on page and click Add to Firefox, and restart Firefox.

Step 3: Open the page of the 4shared song/video you want to download. 

Step 4: Click play on the flash player on the page.

Click play on the flash player.
Step 5: Now the download helper icon to the left of the address bar will get active. Click on it and you will be asked to save a file called 'preview.mp3' change the file name to the name of the song and save.

While the flash player streams click on download helper icon and save preview.mp3
 The 'preview.mp3' file you just downloaded is the same file you will get when you login and download. You can save a lot of time using download helper.

Geany IDE: The best lightweight IDE ever

geany developer tool code editor
Geany: The best lightweight and fast code editor available.
Geany is the best lightweight code editors i have come across on Linux. The best thing about Geany is that is lightweight, fast and as capable as IDE's like Eclipse, Netbeans or Aptana. Java and PHP both can be coded using this editor, while most prefer it for coding php than Java. Geany also supports many other major programming languages and scripting languages.

java program code in geany
Coding Java in Geany editor

Having used Netbeans and Aptana Studio in the past, I find Geany to be faster than both. Although Geany is lightweight, It is as capable as Netbeans and Aptana. Features of Geany are,

  • Cross platform IDE. 
  • Supports almost all major programming, markup and scripting lanugages.
  • Lightweight and fast.
  • Easy to install, configure and extend.
  • Comes in handy also as a good text editor.
  • Simple and elegant GUI.
Windows is available both on Linux and Windows, but the windows version misses out on a few features. You can download and install Geany for Windows from Geany can be installed on almost all popular Linux distributions, 

Ubuntu: open terminal and type sudo apt-get install geany to install Geany. Geany can also be installed from Ubuntu Software Center > Developer Tools.

Fedora: open terminal and type yum install geany to install geany on Fedora.

Start coding with the best lightweight developer IDE available on Linux.

XAMPP on 64bit Ubuntu [solved] - Installing 32bit libraries

XAMPP, still a 32bit package fails to run in 64bit linux. This problem can be fixed by installing 32bit libraries, this would make all 32bit packages work in your 64bit linux distro. Just follow these steps,

Step1: Go to Terminal.

           Type the following,
                   sudo apt-get install ia32-libs 
Step 2: Now the packages will be downloaded and installed

            Go back to terminal again and run the following command,
                       /opt/lampp/lampp start   

 XAMPP will be up and running on your 64bit Linux distribution now. Start coding :) 

See also: Install XAMPP on Ubuntu.

Installing XAMPP on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64bit to run PHP/Perl Scripts

XAMPP, as we all know is an open source web development server solution and consists of Apache, MySQL, and is widely used to run and test programs and scripts written in Php and Perl. Here is a tutorial on how to install XAMPP on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

Step 1: In Terminal, log in as root by entering the following command.
sudo -s
Step 2: After logging in as root, download the latest version of XAMPP - xampp-linux-1.8.1.tar.gz.

Step 3: Copy the downloaded file to the home folder and extract it using the command
tar xvfz xampp-linux-1.8.1.tar.gz -C /opt
Step 4: Now XAMPP has been installed and all you need to do is start the XAMPP service, which can be done by the command.
/opt/lampp/lampp start
Step 5: Now open up your browser and type http://localhost which will open up the XAMPP Dashboard. You can delete the index.php file in /opt/lampp/htdocs to disable the dashboard screen. 

Step 6: Copy your PHP/Perl scripts to the /opt/lampp/htdocs folder to open and run it from localhost. 

More XAMPP commands and functions can be found here.

We strongly recommend XAMPP over WAMP.

tags: XAMPP to run PHP and Perl programs in linux ubuntu localhost php help.

Installing Linux from a USB Pendrive

Linux on an USB drive.
This is a tutorial on how to install a version of Linux from an iso file by booting it from an USB Pendrive. In this tutorial we are going to help you install the latest version of Ubuntu, The Quantal Quetzal. We prefer you use a 64bit version if you have more than 4GB of RAM available.

  1. Download the version of the Linux iso file you want to install on your PC. 
  2. Download and Install 'LinuxLive' (LiLi) , a software to write the iso file into the USB drive.  - Download.
  3. After installing LiLi on your PC, open it and follow these steps in order,
  4. In Step 1 on Linux Live, Select the USB drive on which you want to boot linux from.
  5. In Step 2 select 'ISO/IMG/ZIP'.
  6. At Step 3 select Live mode to use it live and install it. Add very little persistence memory if you wish to install.
  7. In Step 4, select to hide files in USB drive and format the Pendrive.
  8. Now after a while a small text will appear at the bottom of Lili, saying the LinuxLive key is now up and ready.
  9. Now restart your PC, go to BIOS and change Boot Priority to USB and reboot.
  10. Now your PC will boot from USB drive and you will be shown options to install Ubuntu.

The user interface of LinuxLive and the steps involved.

You can also use other softwares like UNetbootin, Universal USB Installer and a few other softwares to write your image(.iso) file to a pendrive. We prefer LiLi as we find it quite simple and attractive. You can find a list of other software which can write image file to USB drive here at

Counter Strike now available on Linux

Counter Strike Condition Zero hits Linux 

Valve, the makers of one of the most popular First person shooter games has released it's most popular game, Counter Strike Condition Zero to Linux users. The game is available to be downloaded from Official Ubuntu Software Center. The world's most played online game is available for download at a discounted price of up to 75% till February 21st, after which the price will shoot up. Steam officially launched last month and is offering Valve games at discounted prices. Rumors are that more games from Valve will soon reach the Linux platform.

Download -

Ubuntu for Nexus available from February 21st confirms Canonical

Ubuntu on Google Nexus phone
Ubuntu for Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Canonical have announced that they are all set to release two images of the new Ubuntu for Phones that will work with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus 4. Canonical are providing a desktop app which will guide you with downloading and  installing Ubuntu on your Nexus. A touch developer preview will also be available from 21st at

via : OMGUbuntu

The new Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3110 preview and specifications

Tab 2 P3110
Samsung is rolling out a new product into it's tablet range, the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3110 which is very similar to Samsung's earlier tablet Tab 2 P3100 which offers call facility. This tablet though doesn't offer call facility to it's users but is priced almost 6k less than it's predecessor.

The P3110 packs a 1Ghz dual core processor which packs 1GB of RAM to run the latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS. With the PowerVR SGX540 graphics card the tab is capable of handling a lot of action packed games. A 7inch LCD Capacitive screen touch screen with a resolution of 1024x600 and 16M colors may not stand-up with the best but is justified for the price the P3110 is being offered. 

The tab has an internal storage of 16GB and is expandle upto 32GB using a microSD card. A 3.15 Megapixel primary camera which is capable of recording even 720p videos at the rate of 30frames/sec isn't really an asset as it doesn't have autofocus but given the price you cant ask for more, and the tab also has a secondary 0.3 MP camera, which we feel is unwanted as there is no calling facility available for this tab.

A 4000mAh lithium-ion battery is where the P3110 draws it's power from and has a standby time of around 1070 hours. The P3110 Samsung Galaxy Tab2 is more or less the Tab P3100 minus the calling facility.  We would list the pros and cons of the Tab P3100 and a few others so that you can have an idea of what you are going to get,

  • Dual core processor and 1GB Ram.
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS.
  • The PowerVR SGX540 graphics card.
  • Good multimedia support.
  • Decently priced at Rs 13,990/-
  • No gorilla glass feature.
  • Not the best of displays with a comparitively low PPI(Per-pixel intensity).
  • A meaningless front camera when you don't have calling facility.
  • No USB charging and long charging times.
We would recommend the Galaxy Tab2 P3110 to people who are desperate to get a decent tab at around 10-15k and who doesn't mind not having the calling facility feature. Go for it only you are ready to sacrifice on these things. 

Manorama Yearbook 2013: Ultimate guide to cracking competitive exams

The Manorama year book for years now has been the ultimate general knowledge guide/update that india has seen. This time the cover stories on India's largest General Knowledge update are the following:
  • Corruption in India,
  • Aftermath of Arab Uprising,
  • God Particle and the new phase of science,
  • Environmental Challenges,
  • Re-engineering Engineering Education and 
  • Cyber Security.
Along with all these everything from last year has been updated and as usual covers Current Affairs, Events, Cover Story, Science World, Cosmos, Environment, Health and Medicine, Information Technology, World Panorama, Education and Career, India, Indian Economy, GK and Sports. Over 1000 pages of General Knowledge in your hands, what more can you ask for. The Manorama year book is the ultimate guide to cracking competitive exams with GK as it covers anything and everything. A Britannica Encyclopedia is being offered along with this book now. The book is priced at Rs 200/- and is also available at Flipkart for a discounted price.

Huawei Ascend G600 - Worth every penny you spend

Huawei Ascend G600 reviews specifications
The Huawei Ascend G600 - A winner from Huawei.

Huawei , The largest telecommunication devices maker in the world has rolled out a new smartphone in the Indian market which we feel is a steal at the price it is being offered. The Huawei Ascend 600 has features that would put it's price range competitors to shame. A 1.2 GHz Dual Core ARM Cortex Processor is where the Ascend G600 gets it's amazing performance and runs the new Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. The Ascend's 8 Megapixel camera has some latest technology on offer, The BSI(Backside-Illuminated CMOS Sensors) which offers better performance in low-light conditions. 

The dual DTS SRS speakers are a treat to the ears and an incredible screen resolution of 540x960 at 244PPI(Per-pixel intensity) in a 4.5 inch screen with HD IPS technology a treat to the eyes. If you thought that's all then you are wrong, the best is yet to come, The Huawei Ascend G600 packs an amazing Lithium-Ion battery of 1930 mAh power. A powerful battery means more backup time and talk time, and some users reported the phone lasts around a day and half without recharging. 

Coming to memory and storage, The Ascend 600 packs 1GB of Processing power which is equal to processing power on phones like the Samsung S2 priced almost 10k more. The phone has an internal storage memory of 4GB and can be expanded to upto 32GB using a microSD card. 

The areas where the phone falls is the GPU(Graphical Processing Unit), which is not among the best as it would be hard to run games with good graphics and some 1080p videos, but given the price range and other amazing features we would definitely ignore it. Another area that could have been improved is the resolution of video recording feature, while most phones in this price range offers 720p HD recording, The Ascend offers 640x480 pixel recorded videos. 


  • Dual core ARM Cortex processor with 1GB RAM running Ice Cream Sandwich OS.
  • An amazing 1930 mAh Lithium-Ion Battery that offers better talk-time and standby-time.
  • A 540x960 pixel, 4.5 inch HD IPS display with 244 PPI and corning Gorilla glass.(Better than the Samsung Galaxy S2).
  • 8 Megapixel Camera with BSI Technology(Offers great photos even at low-light).
  • Dual DTS SRS Speakers with amazing sound clarity.
  • A great phone at this price.
  • A slightly weaker GPU(Graphical Processing Unit).
  • No 720p video recording, only 640x480 pixel recording.
The price at which Huawei offers this amazing smartphone is at Rs 14,990 and we feel the phone is a steal at this price considering the fact that it has features that would put costlier phones like the Samsung Galaxy S2 behind it. Huawei clearly has a winner in G600 and we would definitely recommend it to someone with a medium budget and wanting to have a phone with great specifications. now offers the phone at a price of 14,990 and along with it a 16GB microSD card.  

     Buy Huawei Ascend G600 from 

tags: The Huawei Huwaei Ascend G600 review Smartphone Specifications Price buy india price

Ubuntu for Phones - Competition for Android ?

Once Ubuntu for phones is officially out, Android operating system will see some competition at last. Today Android OS is the most widely preffered and used mobile operating system available. Ubuntu for phones is a concept that would be released by this year end or by the start of 2014 and has already caught the attention of Ubuntu lovers all over the world. Android lovers and tech experts though doesn't seem much impressed and a lot of forums on the internet says this could go down fast.

A video is out on Youtube which gives you a glance at the features that will available once the OS is out on mobile and the best thing we noticed is that it is very clean and beautiful with an easy to use GUI. Another important feature being offered is the security of linux in your pocket.

Promotional video released by Ubuntu

Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth is confident that this new mobile operating system has all it takes to be number one. There are already about 45000 native apps available for the system and has been designed to work with current generation android mobile phones. Apps will have the same core functionality that it has on a PC, and developers will be urged to make interfaces that would suit to a phone. The minimum requirements to run ubuntu for phones(as rumored) is as below,
  • Dual-core A9 ARM Processor
  •  1GB of RAM
  • 4GB Flash Storage + SD
  • 800×400 WVGA Screen
  • Multi-touch
The first release of this much awaited mobile OS will happen in late february and will only be available for the Galaxy Nexus. An installation image and it's source code is to be made available soon. Canonical seems to be all excited about this new launch and once the first release is made available to the public, we will get a clear picture of what is on offer. Even though ubuntu os is coming to phones, dual booting is still a distant dream in handsets. We are eagerly looking forward to such a development where one can use two operating systems on a phone like Android and Ubuntu.

Online tool to cut MP3/Audio files is yet another amazing tool that can come handy when you don't have a software like movie maker or an audio editor installed on your system. This amazing online application can not only cut and edit songs uploaded by the user but also audio from Youtube and Soundcloud. The application can also support up to 150 audio and video formats including most popular ones like MP3, WAV, AAC, M4A, WMA and OGG.

The first step is to upload the audio file or provide it with a lonk to a Youtube video or a SoundCloud audio. Then cut out the required part and finally save it from the download link provided on the third step.

Step1: Upload the audio file or the Youtube/SoundCloud link.

Step2: The required portion being cut off from the uploaded audio file.

Step3: Download the file from the required part cut out in the second step.
Audio files can be converted to MP3, AAC, AMR, WAV and AAC. 

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