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Download from Torrents without revealing your IP Address

We just came across this awesome website 'Zbigz' for downloading torrents with privacy, that is you won't have to sacrifice your IP Address when you download torrents. All you need is the magnetic link of the torrent. The working of the website is simple, when you give a torrent link or file, it downloads the torrent on to it's servers and provides us with a direct link from Zbigz which can be resumed during download. The steps to be followed are below.

Go to Zbigz home page.
Zbigz Home Page.
Now from the torrent page of the desired torrent, copy down the magnetic link of the torrent. Just as below, or download the torrent and upload it to Zbigz.
Get Magnetic torrent link.
Now after you have copied down the Magnetic link for the torrent, Paste it on the home page of Zbigz and click on the 'Go' button. You will be taken to a page where you have to choose between a 'Free' service and a paid one. Select the free service and you will be taken to another page, Where the status of the torrent being downloaded to the Zbigz server is shown. After the torrent is downloaded to Zbigz server, Zbigz provides you with a direct link to downloading the file. It takes time to get the link as the file from torrent has to be downloaded to the Zbigz server first and so you will need patience. Then they provide you with a safe direct link that can be paused and resumed.

Torrent being uploaded to Zbigz servers.

Using Zbigz you can ensure that no one can track your IP Address. So Happy downloading folks. You no longer have to worry about software's like Jadu invading your privacy.


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