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The Apple iPhone 5 in India Review

Apple iPhone 5
The 5th Generation of Apple's iPhone was released today at a grand event today at Moscone West. This has been Apple's first launch after the death of their mentor Steve Jobs. Apple calls this phone the most beautiful product they ever made. The Phone is 7.6mm thin, 18% thinner than 4S and weighs around 112grams which is 20% slighter. The new A6 Chip is way faster than the previous iPhone version and packs quad cores into it. The new iPhone packs a 8MP Camera and is a treat for photography enthusiast. The phone is expected to release in India soon and a full delivery will be waiting.


  • Quad core processor. iPhone 4S only had two cores.
  • 8MP High resolution camera and a 1.2MP Secondary Camera.
  • NFC Supported.
  • High screen resolutions at 1136 x 640.
  • Screen intensity of around 325 PPI.
  • The iPhone5 has a 4 Inch screen.
  • Slightly better battery than 4S at 1440 mAh.
  • Price on the higher side. Will be priced as much 4S is today in the market.

Download from Torrents without revealing your IP Address

We just came across this awesome website 'Zbigz' for downloading torrents with privacy, that is you won't have to sacrifice your IP Address when you download torrents. All you need is the magnetic link of the torrent. The working of the website is simple, when you give a torrent link or file, it downloads the torrent on to it's servers and provides us with a direct link from Zbigz which can be resumed during download. The steps to be followed are below.

Go to Zbigz home page.
Zbigz Home Page.
Now from the torrent page of the desired torrent, copy down the magnetic link of the torrent. Just as below, or download the torrent and upload it to Zbigz.
Get Magnetic torrent link.
Now after you have copied down the Magnetic link for the torrent, Paste it on the home page of Zbigz and click on the 'Go' button. You will be taken to a page where you have to choose between a 'Free' service and a paid one. Select the free service and you will be taken to another page, Where the status of the torrent being downloaded to the Zbigz server is shown. After the torrent is downloaded to Zbigz server, Zbigz provides you with a direct link to downloading the file. It takes time to get the link as the file from torrent has to be downloaded to the Zbigz server first and so you will need patience. Then they provide you with a safe direct link that can be paused and resumed.

Torrent being uploaded to Zbigz servers.

Using Zbigz you can ensure that no one can track your IP Address. So Happy downloading folks. You no longer have to worry about software's like Jadu invading your privacy.

Samsung Galaxy Y DUOS Lite S5302 Review

Samsung, The top contender in the Mobile Phone market has rolled out the Dual SIM version of it's popular Android model 'The Samsung Galaxy Y', The Samsung Galaxy Y DUOS Lite S5302. This phone has the dual SIM option and is dual active, which means two SIM's can be used alongside each other.

The Samsung Galaxy Y DUOS packs an 832MHz processor with 296MB of RAM and 3GB of Internal Storage. There is an external memory card slot which can be expanded upto 32GB. The phone has a resolution of 240x320 Pixels and has a PPI of 132. PPI refers to Per Pixel Intensity and decides the clarity and sharpness of a screen. 132 is pretty low when compared to other models. The screen is 2.8 Inches wide which is pretty low. 

Galaxy Y DUOS runs on Android Gingerbread OS and has a 1200mAh battery. The phone has a 2MP Camera just like the Samsung Galaxy Y.

  • Dual SIM Phone.
  • Dual Active Phone.
  • Gingerbread OS
  • Very low PPI around 132. Which means less display clarity and sharpness.
  • 1200 mAh battery for a dual active android phone won't last much.
  • Price of 6.9K, a bit on the upper side.

Nokia reduces Windows phones prices

Nokia, after a fall in it's shares has reduced the rate of the older Windows Phones models like Lumia 800 by around 15%, and other Windows Phones. All Nokia Phones now are expected to have a fall in Prices very soon due to fall in Nokia Shares. 

We believe that Nokia should concentrate more on Phones below the 10k Range, Like the Nokia Asha 311 which was released very recently. This we feel is the only way we feel Nokia could bounce back to being a top contender.

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