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Best books to prepare for GATE Exams

Every year a lot of students and professionals make the decision of appearing for the GATE exam and some start very early, So if you are planning to start studying for GATE exams then the first thing you would want is to buy the best book out there. This post is to help you with that, we have compiled reviews and have posted possible suggestions to help you prepare for GATE exams.

Mechanical Engineering:

Another good reference book for Mechanical Engineering GATE aspirants from GK Publications authored by G.K.P. The book covers the gate syllabus topic wise and comes with a 4 hour DVD video lecture and a chance to write an online mock test. Gate 2013 solved paper and a practice paper are also available with this book. The book is available online now.


This is one of the most sought after GATE exam preparation book by Mechanical Engineering students. The book is written by Vikas Slariya and the book has been published by TATA McGraw Hill education.

A few reviews i read online about the book goes like,

Book is real good. Anyone who has done an average in B.Tech should be able to understand the hints and explanations easily.

 Engineers India Limited exam was conducted on 15-07-12. To my utter surprise, out of total of 100 technical questions, approximately 95 were from TMH book. Strongly Recommended.

Computer Science Engineering:

Well there aren't many good GATE books that entirely cover syllabus for Computer Science Students, but there are a few good solved paper books which are said to be quite good.

When it comes to competitive examinations, Arihant Publications is the last word. This year they are coming up with a set of 2 books in GATE CS and IT with Solved Papers. Co-authored by Nitesh Jain who last year authored one of the best selling chapterwise previous year paper book. Authored by Shanti Kirupani, Prachi Jain, Amrita Mishra and Nitesh Jain, one can expect a great book in the making. The book is available for pre-order now at Flipkart.

The book considered the best among the books available for CSE students preparing for gate, Topic wise discussions are available, and the book also comes with 2 DVD video lectures of around 4 hours. The book also offers an online mock test for it's readers and covers almost everything under the gate syllabus.

It covers all the syllabus with large number of problems.good explanations for tricky questions and easy to understand. I was happy to buy this book....

The book is published by GKP Publications and contains solved GATE questions since 2000. Along with book is a 3 hour DVD video lecture and also a chance to appear for an online mock test. A review on the book is below,

Good book from GKP Publications by GKP, Contains question papers from the last 14 years and also a video lecture discussion on last years GATE exam, another great thing about it is that you get a chance to write an online mock test.

Electronics and Communication Engineering:

The book published by G K P covers most of the syllabus and is the best available for ECE students to prepare for GATE exams. Topic wise discussions, A 4 hour video lecture, 2013 solved paper, a practice paper and a chance to write an online mock test makes it a great book. A review for the book went like, 

 This is the best book for the preparation of gate in less time.this book covers all the entire syllabus of gate for electronics or electronics and communication engineering.All type of questions are given in this book from easy level to difficult can take this book for the reference.

Buy GATE 2013: Electronics And Communication Engineering (With CD) from

If you are serious about preparing for gate then go for more than one reference books, as none of the books are precise and accurate. Wishing you all the very best.


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