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Microsoft Outlook Email Service - Features - Social Network friendly login page.
Microsoft has not made a new email service, instead it has renamed it's very popular service Hotmail to Outlook, the name outlook is popular as it was the name of the desktop mail application that Microsoft provided with Windows. Now you must be wondering why Outlook could be different, well it is and i loved the simple and elegant interface, here are some reasons why you should consider getting an account at,

  1. New design is elegant, simple, user friendly and uses 60% less pixels than before.
  2. Share documents like Word, Excel and Powerpoint presentations.
  3. Very Social Networking friendly.
  4. Integrates contacts from Facebook with Outlook.
  5. Photos on email can be viewed as a Slideshow.
  6. Users can chat with their Facebook friends from inside
  7. One can view Facebook updates from friends on
  8. Users can make Skype video calls and Chat inside Outlook.
  9. Mails sent to,, and can still be received at .
  10. Better sorting of mass email messages by itself.

User Interface of

Simple design of the UI is what impressed me the most. You can go to the Sign Up page and get your account right now, don't hesitate.

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