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How to Signup for Outlook Mail

Earlier we reported about and Top reasons you should consider signing up for an account at Now we are back on how to signup for Outlook mail. All you have to do is the following,

  • Go to 's home page.
  • Click on Sign Up link.
  • Fill in details on the form and submit.
  • You are done now and you will be taken to your Outlook inbox.

A tip to remember is that Microsoft wants your password to have two of the following, Uppercase letter, Lowercase letters, Numbers and symbols. for eg: abc123 or Abc123 etc. 

Microsoft Outlook Email Service - Features - Social Network friendly login page.
Microsoft has not made a new email service, instead it has renamed it's very popular service Hotmail to Outlook, the name outlook is popular as it was the name of the desktop mail application that Microsoft provided with Windows. Now you must be wondering why Outlook could be different, well it is and i loved the simple and elegant interface, here are some reasons why you should consider getting an account at,

  1. New design is elegant, simple, user friendly and uses 60% less pixels than before.
  2. Share documents like Word, Excel and Powerpoint presentations.
  3. Very Social Networking friendly.
  4. Integrates contacts from Facebook with Outlook.
  5. Photos on email can be viewed as a Slideshow.
  6. Users can chat with their Facebook friends from inside
  7. One can view Facebook updates from friends on
  8. Users can make Skype video calls and Chat inside Outlook.
  9. Mails sent to,, and can still be received at .
  10. Better sorting of mass email messages by itself.

User Interface of

Simple design of the UI is what impressed me the most. You can go to the Sign Up page and get your account right now, don't hesitate.

Microsoft Promo


Fake emails claiming to be from ESPN - Be aware

An hour ago i received an email address claiming to be from the ESPN Office, from this email id , which the moment i saw knew was a fake. The email had no body and had an attachment a file called ESPN.docx. I opened the document using google docs and saw a 3 page document, I will list out a few parts from the email,

and later on they ask you everything from your name, to your email and your password. So we confirmed it was a fake and then we went on to the ESPN Cricinfo website and went to the feed back page, and i saw what they had written there,

PLEASE NOTE: If you have recently received an e-mail from a party claiming to be ESPN Cricket or ESPN Star Cricket, these e-mails are fraudulent messages and should be deleted.

So i wrote in to ESPN and told them about it and offered to forward the email if they wanted me to. So friends, if you ever receive such an email, be sure it is a fake and NEVER reveal your personal information or password to such people.

London Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremony live streaming in India

London Olympics logo
The London Olympics opening ceremony is scheduled to happen today and we in India can watch it live on our Dooradarshan from the start to the end on your TV. Now if in case you are planning to watch it online, then you can either go to the Dooradarshan website at or this page at

The highlights of today's opening ceremony will be that it will have music by two legends of Indian music , Ilayaraja and AR Rahman played as part of a medley. The rest of the Olympics will be broadcast-ed by ESPN.

Why Anna University May/June 2012 results might be getting late

The B.E. results have been getting a lot late than usual and for currently pass-out 2012 batch the wait is getting too long. The results have been already published for students with no standing arrear papers upto the eigth semester, but those of them having arrears upto 7th semester will have to wait with the others to know their results.

Now a few days back The Hindu website online reported about a paper leak of the EDC(Electronic Device and Circuits) paper a day before the exam was conducted on June 29th. Now the EDC exam has been rescheduled to be held on July 31st. Students of Computer Science, Information Technology, Electronics and Communication and Bio-medical Engineering had taken the exam in June. 

We are not sure if this is holding back the results but if it is then it could be a very long wait as results would only be published after July. If that's not the case then results could get published in a week as the B.E. Part Time Results May 2012 were just announced a few days back. Whatever the reason maybe we wish the university come up and announce the results soon as a lot of students are waiting for their results so that they can get into a job.

tags: Results B.E. CSE ECE IT MECH EEE CIVIL 2008 Regulation announcement 2012 students marksheets GPA date 

Sony Xperia Go in India | Best deals | Buy online

The Sony Xperia Go is the latest smartphone from Sony mobiles and is priced close to 19000 as of now. The features that make Xperia Go great is that it is scratch, dust and water resistant. The phone packs a 1GHz Dual core cotex A9 processor which runs Gingerbread OS(Android 2.3.3). The phone has a 3.5 inch screen with a screen resolution of 480x320 pixels which is on the lower side.

Let us have a look at reasons you should consider buying this phone and why you shouldn't.

  • Good Internal memory(8GB) + Expandable memory upto 32GB.
  • Dual core processor.
  • Scratch, Dust and Water resistant.
  • 5MP camera
  • Very low resolution compared to Smartphones in the same range only 480x320.
  • The display clarity is very low compared to other Sony phones , i.e only 164PPI.
  • Low battery capacity.
  • Not upgradable to ICS.

Apple iPhone 3GS at Rs9999 from Aircel

The Apple iPhone 3GS
This is a great opportunity for all those Apple fans out there, this is your chance to own the Apple iPhone 3GS which though outdated hardware has the latest iOS up an running. The plan is available for Aircel postpaid customers.

Visit the Aircel website to get more details -

Flipkart increases free shipping limit to 300Rs Purchases

The Indian online retail giant has increased the limit of free delivery from Rs 200 to Rs 300.  Now if a user wants to buy an item which is under Rs 300 he will have to add an extra Rs 30 in-order to get it delivered. This we feel is a bad move by Flipkart, which is still our favorite online shopping website as they might lose customers to other contenders who offer free online delivery for the same items that are under 300. We are of the opinion that it could have at least been 250 instead of a sudden 50% hike.

Sony Xperia Go Preview and Specifications

The Sony Xperia Go is an upcoming android phone from Sony on the likes of Motorola's Defy and Defy Plus, which were scratch resistant, dust resistant and water resistant. The phone packs a 1GHz Dual core cotex A9 processor which runs Gingerbread OS(Android 2.3.3). The phone has a 3.5 inch screen with a screen resolution of 480x320 pixels which is on the lower side.

Sony Xperia Go Commercial and Promo

The Phone has a 5MP camera and can shoot 720P HD videos with 16x digital zoom and an LED flash. Supports WiFi and WiFi Hotspot technology. The phone has an internal storage of around 8GB and also has an expandable memory slot which supports upto 32GB of memory. The phone has an average 1305 mAH battery which is weak though can stand up to around 1 and a half days. 

 To read in detail about more specifications, just check this document at Sony Website - WhitePaper_EN_st27_Xperia_GO.pdf .

We are unaware when this would exactly hit the Indian market, but we are sure that Xperia Go will be released with in a couple of months.

Anna University CSE text books buy online

We bring you foreign author text books relating to Computer Science Department from the 3rd(III) semester to the 8th(VIII) semester. You can buy these books at discounted prices and it will be delivered at your doorstep, where only you have to pay it. Payments can be made as Cash On Delivery from .

Semester III

  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms

  • Database Management Systems

  • Programming and Datastructures

  • Computer Architecture  

Semester V

  • Software Engineering

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