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Airtel networks blackout in Tamilnadu for more than 3 hours

Customers were furious, as Airtel networks went on a complete blackout today in Tamilnadu from after 4pm, almost close to 3 hours and at some places beyond that. I logged into my facebook account to see that my friends in Chennai and a friend in Tirunelveli, down south had the same problem. The reason for the blackout is still unknown.

Comments have been pouring in on the official Airtel India page, where some have expressed their displeasure on the incident. A comment goes like,

"what the hell is happening to you guys..?? a total blackout..! this is so shitty to have happened.. all of us are affected by this.. people arr not able to get or make any calls to their family even.. rage is building up here.. once this problem gets solved.. i'm sure lots of customers would like to have a word with your customer care officials... trust me you are not gonna like it.."
Throw in your comments below, tell us if this would have a negative impact on Airtel India.


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