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Anna University Chennai 8th Semester Results (May/June 2012)

Anna University Chennai
The results for 8th ( VIIIth ) semester students have been published by the Anna University Chennai.

The result now is available at the Anna University Chennai website. You can also follow the links below.

Motorola Defy Mini in India | Review and Best deals

Defy Mini
The Motorola Defy Mini is a mini version of Motorola's very popular Motorola Defy and Motorola Defy Plus. This mobile packs a 600Mhz processor with Gingerbread Android version 2.3 . The phone can hold dual SIM's but is not dual active.

 The Defy Mini has a TFT LCD touch screen with a resolution of 480x320 pixels and has 256k colors. The phone has a PPI of around 180ppi which is quite average but good at this price range.

 The Motorola Defy Mini has an internal storage of around 512MB,but it does have an external memory card slot which means you can extend memory to a limit of 32GB.

 Processing Power:
 The Defy Mini has a single core CPU with 600Mhz of processing power, which is a bit on the lower side when compared to phones in the same range.

 This is where the Defy Mini stands tall from it's competitors. It has a powerful 1650mAh battery which can hold large amounts of backup. The standby time is around approximately 2 weeks, and a talk time capacity of around 9 hours.

 The Phone has a 3MP camera and 0.3MP front camera to it's credit. Camera is one of the letdowns and is really weak when compared to other phones in the same range.

 The phone weighs 107gm which is great according to usual standards and is only 13mm thick. Let us now have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of this beautiful phone.

 Pros / Advantages 

  • Dual SIM phone with Gingerbread Android OS.
  • Gorilla Glass, Water Resistant and Dust proof.
  • 1650mAH powerful battery backup.

 Cons / Disadvantages

  • Low internal memory.
  • 600Mhz Processing power on the lower side.
  • Only 256k colors.
  • Even though a dual SIM phone , it is not Dual Active.
The phone can be bought at the best price online from, with a cash on delivery option.

Airtel networks blackout in Tamilnadu for more than 3 hours

Customers were furious, as Airtel networks went on a complete blackout today in Tamilnadu from after 4pm, almost close to 3 hours and at some places beyond that. I logged into my facebook account to see that my friends in Chennai and a friend in Tirunelveli, down south had the same problem. The reason for the blackout is still unknown.

Comments have been pouring in on the official Airtel India page, where some have expressed their displeasure on the incident. A comment goes like,

"what the hell is happening to you guys..?? a total blackout..! this is so shitty to have happened.. all of us are affected by this.. people arr not able to get or make any calls to their family even.. rage is building up here.. once this problem gets solved.. i'm sure lots of customers would like to have a word with your customer care officials... trust me you are not gonna like it.."
Throw in your comments below, tell us if this would have a negative impact on Airtel India.

Don't use 'Verify your account' app on Facebook

The Secure and Verify request i received from two friends.
This is a kind reminder to everyone on Facebook not to use any application boasting to verify your account. Facebook verifies your account only by confirming your mobile number and they don't have any application for the same.

The verify your account and 'Secure and Verify' application takes you to a non-Facebook page, which is potentially unsafe as they can get details from your profile and you are also at the risk of losing your profile. They also send invitations to everyone on your Facebook profile.We are unsure whether Facebook has reviewed this application.

You can officially verify your facebook account with the help of this page at .

Facebook Security team with a few simple tips

As i logged into my Facebook account there was a highlighted part on my home page offering a few simple tips to protect and secure my password. I clicked on it and was forwaded to another page - Facebook Security Tips.

Facebook offering tips on the home page.

The security page of Facebook.
The security page on Facebook offers you a wide range of tips to secure your account and also a set of advanced tips to ensure your safety on the Social network giant.

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