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The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 review and best deals

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
The new Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is Samsung's latest entry into the tab segment in India. The new tab features a 1GHz Dual core processor which runs Android 4.0, i.e Ice Cream Sandwich OS. The tab is priced at around 19k and is a steal at that price. The tab only arrives in 16GB versions now, there are rumors that an 8GB version is soon on its way at a cheaper price.


The Samsung Tab 2 has a TFT LCD touch screen with a resolution of 1024x600 pixels. The screen is 7 inches and has around 16M colors. 


The tab comes with an inbuilt memory of 16GB and with an expandable memory slot which can be expanded up to 32GB of memory.

Processing Power:

This Samsung Tab has a Dual core processor with 1GHz, which means it will be faster and can processes more apps at the same time. It also packs 1GB of RAM.


With a 4000mAh Lithium-Ion battery the tab can hold a fair amount of energy. But the tab being Android, uses it up fairly fast, but definitely better than most competitors.


The tab has a 3MP primary camera and 0.3MP front camera to it's credit and has the capability to record 720P HD recordings.


The Tab weighs 345gm which is great according to usual standards of tabs and is only 10.5mm thick.

Now let us take a look at the Pros and Cons of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Pros / Advantages

  • Dual Core Processor.
  • Light weight tab with small size.
  • Good internal storage with External memory slot.
  • Great accessories.
  • Great camera.
  • Can be used as a phone as well.
Cons / Disadvantages.
  • Battery backup is weak.
The Samsung Tab 2 is now available at online shopping websites like Flipkart at rates cheaper than in shops near you. 

Buy from flipkart at 19,900 with free home delivery - .

Samsung has rolled out a new Tab priced 6k less than this with same features except calling facility - The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3110.


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