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Installing Reliance Netconnect on Fedora OS

Well i recently moved to Fedora ( Kernel Linux 3.1.0-7.fc16.i686) which runs GNOME 3.2.1 . My PC runs on a dualcore CPU at 1GB Ram, I was using a Reliance netconnect earlier to browse on the go and after moving i had to install it on Fedora 16.There are no software available for Fedora OS, but it is possible to connect and use the internet.

  • From Fedora Desktop go to Applications > Network Settings

Select Network Settings
  • From the dialog box that opens up select Mobile Broadband and click add as in the picture below (it shows Reliance netconnection as i have configured it already ).
  •  You should see the modem name from the box that appears next, mine is 'Huawei Technologies and Huawei mobile'

Click continue.
  •  Select country from the next box that appears and click continue.
Select country from list.
  •  Now  Select 'Reliance Netconnect'
Select Reliance and continue.

  • Now select reliance connection from the network connections tab on the top-right corner of the desktop.
Click 'Reliance Connection' and get connected

Now you will be successfully connected to the internet. Enjoy browsing :)

Tags: Reliance Netconnect+ net connect settings for linux fedora kernel ubuntu


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