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Wikipedia goes on a Black-out

Wikipedia page displaying the news. the largest encyclopedia in the world has gone on a 24 hour black out to protest against the legislation by US Congress that could damage the free and open nature of the Internet.I was trying to get information about a person and this page popped up instead.

Well on clicking the learn more link at the page, i came to know that Wiki is protesting against two bills the SOPA(Stop online piracy act ) and PIPA(Protect IP act).These bills as Wiki and Electronic Frontier Foundation says would hinder the free and open nature of the Internet. The bill if passed will not only affect US citizens but also people all around the world.The EFF explains why at How PIPA and SOPA violate white house principle of free speech and Innovation.

You can also read about the bills at the Wikipedia page  SOPA and PIPA.

Well you can access Wikipedia from your smartphones and mobile devices as of now.


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