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"My earnings are low from Adsense ?" - A discussion

I know a lot of people who joined Adsense after hearing about and seeing my Google Adsense drafts back home.Some friends managed to get their webpage approved while others couldn't even manage that.Those who managed to get an Adsense account later complained that they were generating very less revenue and traffic say 0.10$ per day or 1$ per month etc.

The reason is that they aren't patient.Patience is something you need when starting a blog and implementing Adsense,Your blog should be concentrated on something you love to blog on.A particular topic instead of going for a range of topics at start.Now the next thing is the patience, nobody would earn say 10$ or anything after the first day,it will take months for earnings to be consistent.We bring you a video by Lisa from 2CreateAwebsite highlighting the main mistakes you commit after getting into adsense.

Lisa explaining the common mistakes by newbie Adsense users.


  1. muhammad ali  

    very nice information.this will help us to improve our adsense earning you can also improve your adsense earning by this adsense revenue sharing forum

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