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Pre-Order the Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 in India

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 in India.
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 is all ready for a September 1st week release in India as of now.The tab boasts to be the thinnest and lightest of them all.The tab runs the latest Android 3.1 version known as Honeycomb.The tab has two camera's,The primary one 3MP which takes photos and also manages HD video recording.The secondary camera is two megapixels for 3G video calling.The Tab supports both 3G and Wi-Fi.It also has a HDMI support port.

The Tab 750 ships to you with an internal storage of 16 GB. This tablet from Samsung uses a 7000 mAh capacity battery that supports video playback of 9 hours and music playback of 72 hours.Now you can Pre-order this tab in India at free shipping with

To Preorder the Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 in India visit this link -

Download Malayalam Mp3 songs from 4Shared

Being a Keralite,I know that it is really hard on the Internet to find malayalam songs especially those classic one's and it is really sad that there isn't a dedicated website for Malayalam music.Now i would like to bring you some websites that provide malayalam music for download. is not exactly a music website but is a file sharing website having  a wide range of files from Audio to Ebooks.It also happens to be one of the most visited file sharing sites on the internet.I have been using 4Shared to download music and believe you will find any Malayalam song of your choice,all you have to do is search with the starting lines or the film name.

Start searching your favourite song here at 

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