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Facebook changes news feed settings, How to reset it

Since a few days i have been noticing that i hadn't been receiving news updates from some of my friends on Facebook.Usually i had been receiving status updates from them and yesterday i saw one of my status being updated but it was not showing up on my news feed.So i checked out the settings and found that Facebook had changed their settings in such a way that only news from the people whom you interact with the most are to be seen in your news feed page.Then i changed it back to normal again.

So here is how to do it, It's really simple.Follow these instructions :

1.Just go to the Facebook home page by clicking on the Facebook logo.
Go to Facebook Home page by clicking the Facebook Logo.

2.Just scroll down to the end of the page and click on the edit options link

Find the edit options link

3.Now change the settings from 'Friends and pages you interact the most' to 'All your friends and pages'.

opening the edit options displays the above pop-up box.

4.Now just click save and go back to your News feed page and you can see updates from all.

Just change it to 'All your friends and pages".

That's it you are done.Happy Facebooking folks :-)


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