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Get a Mobile version of your Blogger blog

Here we bring you a very simple hack on how to activate mobile version of your blog.It is very easy and simple and just takes a couple of minutes.All you have to do is follow these four steps below.

  • If you haven't moved to Blogger in Draft then i say you do it right away,It is right their at the top near the sign out link.
  • Now go the settings page of your blog
  • Go to the Email & Mobile tab.
  • Now tick the option Yes and save the setting's.
Now all you have to do is add '?m=1' to your blog address and you can view the mobile version of your blog.

Via : Bforbloggerbeta: Enable mobile version of your blogspot blog

Multiple Google accounts login trick

Well most of you might have two google accounts and might have to switch between account's and have them opened up simultaneously.Now we have a tweak for the same.To get multiple google accounts to work on the same browser rather than having two browser's to do the trick.

We will give you a small step by step tutorial.It's really simple folks.

Google Account's page
Multiple sessions page
  • Now check on and Save.

That's it now you can get multiple account's on the same browser.Happy Browsing folks.Throw in your comments if this was of any help.


Universal Cell Phone charger coming soon

Yes,14 mobile phone companies have agreed to have a common phone charger so that their users wont have to go in search of a compatible charger while travelling or while at a place away from home.The companies include Blackberry,Nokia,Samsung,Apple etc.They signed the contract back in June 2009.The common charger will be of the type of a micro USB jack.The new charger will make life easier and reduce waste says the Vice President of the commissioner for industry and Entrepreneurship.The common charger is compatible with data-enabled mobile phones of various companies.The charger will roll out in the first quarter of this year.

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