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BlueStacks - Test Android apps on Windows before running them on your smartphone

The BlueStacks App Player on Windows.
Well this is one of the coolest apps an Android smartphone user can get their hands on.Now using the Bluestacks application one can run an Android app/ Game on their PC with windows before running it in their Android device.You can also transfer apps from your Android Smartphone using an app known as Cloud Connect.

A Demo on how the BlueStacks app works

Using the BlueStacks App Player for Windows, you can play Android games on your computer screen.You can play your favourite Android games on a larger screen and also can use a wide range of Awesome android apps on your PC.You can now play games like Angry Birds on PC with this cool app.

You can Download BlueStacks app player at their official website here - .

Download Cloud Connect on Android Market here -

Buy the Aakash UBISLATE tablet online | Preorder now

Telecom Minister Kapil Sibil with Aakash Tablet.
Now people are offered an opportunity to buy Indian Government's product the 'Aakash UBISLATE' tablet online at .The website was opened on 15th December 2011 and 30000 tablets were on offer that day which were sold out in a matter of minutes.The Aakash Tablet runs on a 366Mhz processor operating with Android 2.2 .The makers are offering delivery within one week after placing of order.

Head over to the Aakash Tablet website and order your's now.

"My earnings are low from Adsense ?" - A discussion

I know a lot of people who joined Adsense after hearing about and seeing my Google Adsense drafts back home.Some friends managed to get their webpage approved while others couldn't even manage that.Those who managed to get an Adsense account later complained that they were generating very less revenue and traffic say 0.10$ per day or 1$ per month etc.

The reason is that they aren't patient.Patience is something you need when starting a blog and implementing Adsense,Your blog should be concentrated on something you love to blog on.A particular topic instead of going for a range of topics at start.Now the next thing is the patience, nobody would earn say 10$ or anything after the first day,it will take months for earnings to be consistent.We bring you a video by Lisa from 2CreateAwebsite highlighting the main mistakes you commit after getting into adsense.

Lisa explaining the common mistakes by newbie Adsense users.

New User Interface available for Gmail

The new Gmail Interface with a new theme.
Google has gone one step forward in improving the User interface design of Google mail widely known as Gmail. Gmail has made the changes citing that the way users use internet is evolving and it is to ensure consistent online experience.

Changes in the new interface is that

  • Easy navigation
  • Improved search options
  • Better organized
  • More themes added to the interface.
We see this as a positive move by Google to stay ahead of the competition even though there is little competition for Google when compared to e-mail services.

Motorola Defy Plus in India | Price | Specifications | Buy | Preview

The Motorola Defy Plus
The Motorola Defy Plus is one smartphone that anyone would love to have.The phone is packed with super specifications at the price offered.The Defy Plus runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS and has a 3.7 inch touchscreen which makes it a biggie.The phone is packed with a 1GHz processor and a 5Mega Pixel primary camera.The Defy has a decent resolution of 480x854 pixels.The device is equipped with Gorilla glass and is scratch resistant and Water proof.


  • Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread OS
  • 3.7 inch touchscreen
  • 1 GHz Processor
  • 5 Megapixel Camera
  • Gorilla glass display and Scratch resistant
  • Water resistant and Dust resistance
  • Faster and Better Battery Life


  • No secondary or front camera

The Phone is Water proof and is capable of  recording videos underwater.
This is one phone i would love to buy and the Motorola Defy Plus is priced in India at Rs 17,990/- excluding the memory card.The Phone is available to buy online in India at

Here is a review by put up on youtube.

Motorola Defy Plus review

Motorola Defy underwater videos

Motorola Defy is such a cool phone to have and this is one reason to buy it.It is water proof and can be used to shoot videos underwater.Here we bring you a video samples that was shot under water with Motorola Defy.

What a cool phone to have.Motorola is soon bringing out the Motorola Defy Plus in India with improved specifications.We will let you know about the price of the device as soon as it releases.Stay tuned folks :)

Nokia N79 - A Review

One and a half years ago i bought a Nokia N79 phone from Mobile store at 14700/- something.It came with 3 free back covers which can be changed whenever we like and a 4GB microSD card.The phone is a s60 handset and all symbian applications work on it.The N79 comes with a 5 megapixel camera which can capture images at 2592 x 1944 pixels and record videos at 640x480 resolution and at 20 frames/second

The case in which the phone came is below.

The case contains

  • Phone

  • 3 Express covers

  • USB wire

  • Headphone

  • Charger

  • Ovi Suite CD

  • Manuals

The three express covers that came with my phone.

A few pictures i clicked with it.The clarity is amazing and you have a lot of modes to capture images.It is a treat to all those wanna be photographers.The video clarity is amazing too.Video uses up a lot of memory though.The memory is expandable up to 16GB which is quite nice.

There are two speakers on the right side but they aren't quite upto the mark.But the headfone out is good.Overall N79 is an amazing phone and i love having it.

Download Youtube videos on Symbian Mobile Phones

The official Youtube application for Symbian mobile phones only allows you to browse among videos and watch them and doesn't have an option where you can save them for offline viewing later.This was very sad as i am also a Symbian phone user.But the great news now is that there is a Symbian application available that allows you to download youtube videos to your Symbian mobile phone.The application is available for S60 V5 phones like 5800,N97 etc.

User Interface of the Application
All you have to do to get this amazing application is to go to Nokia OVI store and go to this page - , And check whether your mobile is supported by this application.Videos can be downloaded in full HD at even 1080P and also from 240P.This is an amazing application for all Symbian users.The files are saved in .MP4 format and mostly can be viewed on the RealPlayer or in SmartMovie.The App was developed by Pico Brothers.

Pre-Order the Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 in India

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 in India.
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 is all ready for a September 1st week release in India as of now.The tab boasts to be the thinnest and lightest of them all.The tab runs the latest Android 3.1 version known as Honeycomb.The tab has two camera's,The primary one 3MP which takes photos and also manages HD video recording.The secondary camera is two megapixels for 3G video calling.The Tab supports both 3G and Wi-Fi.It also has a HDMI support port.

The Tab 750 ships to you with an internal storage of 16 GB. This tablet from Samsung uses a 7000 mAh capacity battery that supports video playback of 9 hours and music playback of 72 hours.Now you can Pre-order this tab in India at free shipping with

To Preorder the Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 in India visit this link -

Download Malayalam Mp3 songs from 4Shared

Being a Keralite,I know that it is really hard on the Internet to find malayalam songs especially those classic one's and it is really sad that there isn't a dedicated website for Malayalam music.Now i would like to bring you some websites that provide malayalam music for download. is not exactly a music website but is a file sharing website having  a wide range of files from Audio to Ebooks.It also happens to be one of the most visited file sharing sites on the internet.I have been using 4Shared to download music and believe you will find any Malayalam song of your choice,all you have to do is search with the starting lines or the film name.

Start searching your favourite song here at 

Samsung surpasses Iphone and Nokia in sales

Samsung Nokia Apple Iphone battle
The battle of Smartphones.
Samsung Galaxy S2
In the smartphones section,Samsung has overcome Apple's Iphone and Nokia's wide range of Smartphone in terms of sales.The huge demand for Samsung Galaxy series especially the Galaxy S II is said to be the reason.Samsung's move towards Android is looking to be a boost for them.Samsung is racing to reach with Nokia to become World's largest Handset makers.The korean based company's sales boosted up after it started selling the Galaxy S II, Which has the performance and features to stand up with Apple's Iphone.Samsung currently has a lot of mid budget smartphones available.

Facebook changes news feed settings, How to reset it

Since a few days i have been noticing that i hadn't been receiving news updates from some of my friends on Facebook.Usually i had been receiving status updates from them and yesterday i saw one of my status being updated but it was not showing up on my news feed.So i checked out the settings and found that Facebook had changed their settings in such a way that only news from the people whom you interact with the most are to be seen in your news feed page.Then i changed it back to normal again.

So here is how to do it, It's really simple.Follow these instructions :

1.Just go to the Facebook home page by clicking on the Facebook logo.
Go to Facebook Home page by clicking the Facebook Logo.

2.Just scroll down to the end of the page and click on the edit options link

Find the edit options link

3.Now change the settings from 'Friends and pages you interact the most' to 'All your friends and pages'.

opening the edit options displays the above pop-up box.

4.Now just click save and go back to your News feed page and you can see updates from all.

Just change it to 'All your friends and pages".

That's it you are done.Happy Facebooking folks :-)

Get a Mobile version of your Blogger blog

Here we bring you a very simple hack on how to activate mobile version of your blog.It is very easy and simple and just takes a couple of minutes.All you have to do is follow these four steps below.

  • If you haven't moved to Blogger in Draft then i say you do it right away,It is right their at the top near the sign out link.
  • Now go the settings page of your blog
  • Go to the Email & Mobile tab.
  • Now tick the option Yes and save the setting's.
Now all you have to do is add '?m=1' to your blog address and you can view the mobile version of your blog.

Via : Bforbloggerbeta: Enable mobile version of your blogspot blog

Multiple Google accounts login trick

Well most of you might have two google accounts and might have to switch between account's and have them opened up simultaneously.Now we have a tweak for the same.To get multiple google accounts to work on the same browser rather than having two browser's to do the trick.

We will give you a small step by step tutorial.It's really simple folks.

Google Account's page
Multiple sessions page
  • Now check on and Save.

That's it now you can get multiple account's on the same browser.Happy Browsing folks.Throw in your comments if this was of any help.


Universal Cell Phone charger coming soon

Yes,14 mobile phone companies have agreed to have a common phone charger so that their users wont have to go in search of a compatible charger while travelling or while at a place away from home.The companies include Blackberry,Nokia,Samsung,Apple etc.They signed the contract back in June 2009.The common charger will be of the type of a micro USB jack.The new charger will make life easier and reduce waste says the Vice President of the commissioner for industry and Entrepreneurship.The common charger is compatible with data-enabled mobile phones of various companies.The charger will roll out in the first quarter of this year.

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