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Orkut News:Orkut with new online status feature!

It was really hard to find if someone is online or not at orkut,i mean you will never know at times.Even if the person logs off,their DP will remain on top of the friends list giving us a feeling that they are still online!,Now Orkut Admins again came up with this feature like in Yahoo messenger where you can see who is online and who is not.unlike the Gtalk icon this status will be shown to everyone on your profile once you are online on orkut.

Orkut StatusA few minutes back i was spending my time on some orkut Community Forums when a small window popped up from the bottom right of my orkut page,which showed that my one of my friend is online right now,and it also had a link to his scrapbook(See snapshot).

I am not sure if this was here for long,i don't remember seeing it before,so i decided to check on the Official Orkut Blog and a few other Orkut news blogs likeorkut plus and Inside orkut,neither reported anything like this so decided to blog it myself,who know's maybe i was the first one to blog about this like what happened earlier when orkut added videos to profiles.It also showed me a few other friends who were online,wonder if everyone would like this move,some people might find it bad for their privacy at orkut.I was searching if you could control this new feature,i saw nothing on my settings page yet,maybe it will come soon.I will keep you updated with more news on this. biggrin



    Thanks for letting me know about this!

    I've seen both GreaseMonkey hacks and software programs that inform you when your friends are online (I think even Gtalk had something similar as well), but I did not know Google was experimenting with this on Orkut.

    I'll post an update about this later on, although if this is new then many software developers are not going to be too thrilled (as it will give users another reason to simply log into Orkut for all of their fun).

    Take care,


  2. Athul Jayachandran  

    @ insideorkut
    I just saw it that day,It dint work after that!

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