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Datafox:Firefox addon Bandwidth Usage Monitor for BSNL and MTNL users

Datafox addon firefox BSNLWell this is one of the coolest ever Firefox addons i ever saw,when i used to be a BSNL 500 Plan user i just had 1 GB limit then,so i had to control when i downloaded stuff and all,no matter how much i tried limiting it it always went passed the 1 GB limit and BSNL used to charge rs 1.20 for 1 MB extra then.Then i decided to change to BSNL Unlimited and though the speed is a bit slow than other connections i feel this was the right one for me,now i Download close to 10 to 20 GB/Month.So What i meant was that,i know a lot of people who gets worried of Broadband bills going to high than what if you got a software which allowed you to see your download upload status while you are browsing.Well that's exactly what Datafox addon does,it supports BSNL and MTNL customers for now,lets just hope it reaches out to more Broadband plans.I came across this addon a few weeks ago on an online forum,but postponed the post just for firefox 3 to release i just wanted to make sure it worked with Firefox 3,and yes it does.From now on you wont have to log in to the Bsnl page to know how much you have bandwidth you have left and all.

Installing Datafox on your System


>>You will have to install Mozilla Firefox you can get it from here or from here

Steps to Install:-

  • After Datafox addon Installation restart your Firefox you will see an icon on the bottom right end of the firefox toolbar like in the picture below

Datafox addon firefox BSNL loginNow clicking on the that small icon will take you to a login window where you will have to enter your BSNL Broadband username and password,Type in your Bsnl username and password which you use to connect to the internet.Not just BSNL,It also supports MTNL Bombay(Mumbai) and Delhi.You can either choose to save password you can also edit settings so that everytime you get on orkut the stats will always be ready.

Like here in the picture Datafox will provide you info on how much you have downloaded till this minute this month,you can see how much you uploaded beside Up and how much you downloaded behind Down,for example like i have Uploaded 0.757 GB and Downloaded 6.852 GB.Surplus transfer is given as N/A because i am using an unlimited Broadband connection.

Right clicking on the Datafox icon on toolbar will give you access to Preferences page of Datafox.At this page we can even select a manual bandwidth limit.You can also change the looks of Datafox .Entering your limit will allow Datafox to display a progress bar informing you how much percentage of Bandwidth you have left for the current month.You can find more information this addon at its official page.

Datafox was Developed by Brian Fernandes and you can contact him @ .You can find the Datafox official page or have your queries answered at the Indiabrodband forum,they are very fast to respond.

Tags:Datafox How can i know about my bandwidth limit on BSNL MTNL Networks Broadband


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