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Airtel and Vodafone starts Booking for iPhone

We all know the iPhone 3G is on its way to india and that Airtel and Vodafone are the companies who are doing its sales in India,I knew the booking was to start soon never expected it to start this early,today i was visiting the Airtel site to search some hellotunes for my mobile and found they started iPhone Bookings!,So decided to google if Vodafone also started,yest them too.The Indian iPhone 3G version is priced at $199(Affordable) for 8GB edition and $299 for 16GB version.though 3G aint in India now,it is heard that it will come around January one month After the iPhone release.There might be taxes on these and price might go up a bit.

The indian iPhone 3G will have:-

  • 3G Speed Internet Conncetivity
  • Maps with GPS for Easy Navigation
  • Microsoft Exchange Active Sync
  • App Store

I decided to go with Airtel because i find it the better one among the two and have been using Airtel for about two years now.So now i will provide you with links to the Booking Pages

Bharti Airtel:
Airtel iPhone 3G
Booking Page:

Vodafone iphone 3G
Booking Page:


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