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Using alternate video player for Youtube videos !

Youtube Video Player
Yup i am back again with another cool Youtube trick,This time it's about the youtube video player,I am not such a big fan of the old youtube video player!.I mean it looks chubby to me the only thing i hate about youtube is the video player(sorry to all those youtube fans!),So i was really excited to see the new youtube Video player which rolled out a few months ago
New Youtube Video Player
I love the new youtube player like most of my friends,Recently i had been hanging around @ and found this javascript which installs the Jeroenwijering flv player instead of the two youtube video players,I am a big fan of the JW player and now i play youtube videos through it,take a look at the JW player playing the same Video on youtube!

Jeroenwijering flv youtube player
JW player loads very fast and is really elegant so here is how you can get it to play Youtube Videos.

To begin this you will need:-

Ok first you need to install Mozilla Firefox and it's really essential for this trick as this never works in Opera or Internet explorer,i always recommend Firefox over Opera and IE because of its user friendly Interface and also because of the fact that Firefox happens to be more secure than the others! so you can get firefox over from the page here.Just click on the download button,and after you have it downloaded install it and run it!

Now from the Firefox window go to the Greasemonkey Addon page.Click on the 'Add to firefox' button and get it installed,Firefox might ask you to restart,just restart and you will be back at where you were the last time!

After you are done with this go to the Youtube Alternate Videoplayer page at Userscripts here

  • Click on the install this Script button and install it!Firefox Script greasemonkey installation
  • Now refresh the youtube page to see the New FLV player in action biggrin
The Video Player can be disabled by going to Disabling it in Greasemonkey !
See Also:Embedding embed disabled videos from Youtube in your Blog/Website !
Tags:Alternate Youtube Flv Videoplayer new Videoplayer for watching Youtube Videos


  1. Vineet  

    Youtube has released the RSS API which has enabled lot of Youtube apps - one such application is - Yotube player google gadget which can be customized to video and search results. Here is the player

    Leave your feedback and suggestions.

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