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Cool new feature on orkut : Official themes for users from Orkut

New Orkut Themes Snowman

Snapshot: Snowman theme

Most of us are already using this feature using Firefox and Greasemonkey?,its getting Better right now since orkut officially added this new feature for its users !,Orkut now has added about 10 themes to their list don't worry if you cant find an option to change theme,it will take some time since Orkut is updating older profiles now !, so watch out for this cool hack from orkut :)

The list of themes from Orkut are:-

  • Beach
  • Country
  • Season
  • Bus-Stop
  • Autumn
  • Tiger
  • Winter
  • Jr01
  • Snow man
  • and Tea house
It might take a few days till your profile gets the new feature?!!,to those who can't wait you can go over to orkut plus blog and grab your favourite even before it comes to your profile! biggrin
if you have a change themes button the header then its already active in your account.
Tags:Orkut Themes New Official launch how to install it Download .


  1. dsi r4  

    Very nice this idea of themes for orkut. Searching on google also found a site that has a lot of other themes. Theme of Hello Kitty, Pucca, naruto, is of different colors, I thought well diversified.

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