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Firefox released

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Mozilla on Wednesday(30th may 2007) released the new update(version for firefox.
the new updates are listed below.
  • Security update(known issues fixed)
  • Firefox will support windows vista more effectievely
  • Two new languages added

i just updated to the new version,that is when i thought of writing this blog post.for all diehard firefox fans here is a few firfox themed wallpapers for your desktop.

Google analytics changes it's layout

google announced a complete redisign with google analytics last week at it's Emetrics summit in San francisco,It is being heard from google staff they will be adding new features to google analytics in coming weeks
The old look

The old look had just 4 tabs as you can see in the picture above they are

  • Visit's and pageviews
  • Visits new and returning
  • Geo map Over lay and
  • Visit's by source
Now take a look at the new interface
The new layout has two new tabs on it's home page
  • A new visit's tracking graph on the top and
  • A new site usage tab
So what is new in the new google analytics beta?
  • Redesign of report interface
  • Easier for business and website owners to share data
  • Report's can now be emailed
  • Report's can be made into a pdf file
  • Dashboard can be customised
Existing user's will be automatically upgraded to the new interface by google as google says on this email i received yesterday
We are happy to announce the release of a new version of the
Google Analytics reporting interface. Since you are an existing
user, you will automatically be upgraded - there is no action
required on your part.
Existing user's will recieve an email from the google analytics group.
if you still wanna use the old interface then click on the previous interface button below the view report's button as in the picture below.
My opinion:
I really hate that new design,hmm i guess it was made for newbies to make them comfortable with google analytics.but the features as always is mindblowing ;)

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