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Add image header to blog"New feature from blogger"

My blog image header

Blogger just added a new feature to it's template page and that is add header image option,i was about to write a trick on how to put a header image on blogger,and today as i was getting ready to write that,i simply checked my layout page and was surprised to see that google added the feature already,i am sure it wasn't there yesterday!,so here are a few tips on how to put your own header image on blog.

  • Go to template page>edit html
  • Click on expand widgets
  • From the html code find code like this

    #header {
    margin: 0;
    padding: 25px 60px 160px 160px;
    color: $pagetitlecolor;
    background: url(
    no-repeat bottom left;
  • Now from the above code copy the image url i.e( in this case copy and paste to address bar and save the image)
  • now open the image with photoshop or paint make your own header without changing the resolution of the image
  • Now save the image
  • Go to template layout click on header edit button seen in picture
  • Now from the window that opens upload the header you made from computer
  • if you have already made a text in your header image then tick "instead of title and description" and if else you just have made the background then tick "behind title and description"
  • Save and publish
I am designing image headers,anyone interested in a free image header please comment.

Emoticons for blogger

Make your blog post's look a bit more friendly by using emoticons , This is how you can add emoticons to posts.

first of all you need the following

  • Mozilla firefox browser (if you don't have it yet you can get it from here)
  • after installing you have to install the Greasemonkey addon.

  • After that you have to install this script by clicking here .
  • Now login to your blogger account to see Emoticons in your create blog post's page.

Newsreel and Video Bar:Two new template widgets for blogger from google

Blogger has added two new widgets for blogger beta template and they are Newsreel and Video bar,Newsreel brings current news headlines from google news to your blog and Video bar displays clips from youtube and Google video for your blog visitors and they don't have to leave your page to watch these videos.
To use these new widgets, click your blog's Layout link on your Dashboard, then click "Add a Page Element." You'll find the new widgets right at the top. The Newsree widgetl will change from a list of summaries to a scrolling ticker depending on whether it's in the sidebar or the main column.
I am hoping for more from google,go google go!!

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