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Tracking lost phones made easy

This a cool trick i read on a here is what you have to do,follow these steps.

  • Take your mobile Phone
  • Type in *#06#
  • and it will show some numbers like 'IMEI ********-******-*-**'
  • write it down somewhere you wont forget
Now in case you lost your phone,call up your service provider and give them this number they will be able to track it down,it might be time consuming since service providers have lot's of complaints to deal with.
Another option is to try the service from Micro technologies india,it has a Lost mobile tracking system(LMTS) that alerts you when somebody tries to change the sim card on your phone and also gives the location of your is based on sms technology and you get alerts whereever you are in the world.LMTS only works with GSM.fore more info go to


  1. Jubin George  

    The info is old. But that doesn't matter much. And in reality, it's useless. You will know it if you have to deal with a stolen/lost mobile issue with any service provider. It's the service provider who can track/disable the instrument, but they usually refuse to do that. The reason is, a working mobile is a potential connection, doesn't matter in whose hand it is.

  2. Pawan  

    Can anyone upload or give link for a trial version of : micro lmts software please???

    Thanx for the help.

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