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Getting Gmail to work on your Sony Ericsson Mobile

Finally after a week of experimenting i found how to get gmail on sony ericsson.I searched in google,but couldnt find an appropriate answer for my question.On your phone, explore to Messaging->Email->Settings->Account settings and select "New account"

1.Install these settings on mobile

  • Install two server certificates One and Two
  • After your mobile recognised and saved these certificates Enter following settings
  • Connect using:a working GPRS account
  • Email
  • Connection Type:POP3(Not IMAP4)
  • Incoming server:
  • Incoming username:
  • Incoming password: Your password
  • Outgoing server:
  • Encryption: Incoming: SSL, Outgoing: TLS
  • Incoming SSL domain set to
  • Outgoing TLS domain set to
  • Set incoming port:995
  • Set Outgoing port:465 or 587(587 preffered)
2.Now do this on your PC
  • Login to gmail
  • Click setting on top right
  • Select 'Forwarding and POP'tab
  • Change "POP Download" to "Enable POP for all mail".
That is it,Now you can use gmail on your sony ericsson mobile.


  1. Mohamed  

    Thanks for the info. It could be better info if you would add how to install certificates in the Sony Ericsson mobile phone.

    You are the star of the day.

  2. Michael Walker  

    Worked Great Thanks

  3. Anonymous  

    great nothing else worked but this did!!! 10/10



  5. Devlin Leishangthem  

    Its not working for me. I have a SE W580i

  6. ivan  

    thnx man,worked on my t715,even with imap

  7. arun  

    thanks dude..
    it worked for my W580i.

  8. Clifford  

    im using a sonyericson u10i, even after setting up the account as per instructions, i get a server not found error, what do i do, pls help

  9. sunita  

    thanks dude now it works on my w350i.

  10. girishsundesha  

    Its Very easy to done on mobile with the same thanks

  11. Yi Jun =P  

    Failed. Server not found . What to do?

  12. Dev C. Katuwal  

    Not working in S E U1

  13. rahul  

    hey thanx bro its works on v630i without using any inst. Of certificates
    thanx buddy thank u so much

  14. Athul Jayachandran  

    @Dev C

    It could be a problem with your internet settings,check and try again. :-)

  15. Athul Jayachandran  


    Pleased to know that this was of help to you keep visiting..Take care folks :-)

  16. Anonymous  

    Certificates link are broken. Can u chk on that

  17. Tharun  

    Finding Server...

    Thats it... No other response!

    Internet settings are fine :)

    Help me :(

  18. Anonymous  

    Guys. First enable your pop3 settings by Logging in to your Gmail account from computer. Go in settings then.

  19. Mihai  

    It really works on my SE Cedar J108i!
    Thank you!

  20. Anonymous  

    These settings are really good and it is working on my Sony w580i. I am happy :)


  21. arun  

    i dont know how to download the certificates i dont know how to download the certificates

  22. Athul Jayachandran  


    Just right click on the two links and go to the 'Save as' option and save it somewhere and follow the rest of the steps in the post. tc :-)

  23. Anonymous  

    wow it really worked on my SE K800i. I wanted this for years. Thank You So much

  24. Anonymous  

    Thank you! Didn't need the certificates, but the rest of info was exactely what I needed to get things to work in my phone! :)

  25. KUNJAVA  

    Thanks for the infmtn

  26. Anonymous  

    Thanks buddy it worked superb for my sony ericsson k790i cybershot

  27. Thabang Moroane  

    How do I save the certificates using my u10i, and, ive discovered that I can only send messages but I cant get notified when I recieve emails, when I prompt it to check messages it always says no messages

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