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Best Social Bookmark sites'Add to'Links for blogger beta

Social bookmarking sites are a popular way to store, classify, share and search links through the practice of folksonomy techniques on the Internet or Intranet.Social Bookmarking is the best way to popularise your blog or website.

Other than web page bookmarks, services specialized to a specific subject or format - feeds, books, videos, music, shopping items, map locations, wineries, etc. - can be found. Social bookmarking is also part of Social News Sites like here are some codes so that you can add social bookmarks to your post
Indianpad data:post.url +
&url=+ data:post.url +

Digg it + data:post.url +&title=+ data:post.title +

Add to Google
+ data:post.url +&title=+ data:post.title +

Add to reddit
+ data:post.url +&title=+ data:post.title +

Add to technorati favourites data:post.url +

post the above codes between'<span class="post-labels">' and '</span>' in blogger beta template

For old Blogger replace '+ data:post.url' + with '<$BlogItemPermalinkURL$>' and '+ data:post.title +'with '<$BlogItemTitle$>'
Please comment on more sites so that i can add here.


  1. drwiz  

    thanx dude...this was somethin i was lookin for. if possible explain how to put the voting widgets in new blogger

  2. Cyber-Buff can find a few more at 3spots But they are all for classic blogger.

  3. Technogeek  

    it is explained in the post already
    @Cyber buff
    Nice find

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