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Playstation 3:A Review

Playstaion 3 is on the stands and it comes with a slick design.

Sony Playstation 3 happens to be sony's 7th generation video game console.Third in the playstation series.Playstation 3 seems to be facing some good competition already from Microsoft's X-box 360 and Nintendo's Wii.

Playstation 3 was first released in Japan on november 11th,and later in the US,Canada,Hong Kong and Taiwan on november 17th. But sadly the PS3 will be available in Europe and Australia only after march 2007.The basic configuration of the PS3 console has a 20gb internal hard drive,While the premium version comes with a 60Gb Serial ATA harddisk.
Let us take a look at the features of premium and Basic configured PS3 console's:

PS3 Launched 15 game titles including Need for speed Carbon.It would take a long time for PS3 to reach india mean while try the X-Box 360 out.


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