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Orkut Statistics at the end of 2006

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According to the orkut statistics page,Brazil still dominates with 59.01%,while united states is second with 16.50%,India gets the third position in the list.Interestingly 36% has no answer on Relationship status(hmm...).Luckly just 18% people in orkut are here for dating(Thank god!).while 18-25 age group dominates orkut with over can go to the live statistics page by clicking here.mean while orkut server went off yesterday(30-12-2006) everybody thought orkut was upto giving a new year surprise with new designs,but unfortunately it dint.


  1. Ankit  

    that is some really interesting facts.
    hats off dude

  2. Technogeek  

    thanks ankit

  3. Scraps For Orkut  

    In 2006 Orkut was rising sun, but know it is sinking ship. And it is really very sad. :(

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