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Welcome 2007

Let 2007 be a year of high hope and success to everybody.
By bye 2006!!

Orkut Statistics at the end of 2006

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According to the orkut statistics page,Brazil still dominates with 59.01%,while united states is second with 16.50%,India gets the third position in the list.Interestingly 36% has no answer on Relationship status(hmm...).Luckly just 18% people in orkut are here for dating(Thank god!).while 18-25 age group dominates orkut with over can go to the live statistics page by clicking here.mean while orkut server went off yesterday(30-12-2006) everybody thought orkut was upto giving a new year surprise with new designs,but unfortunately it dint.

See Banned Blogspot sites using Pkblogs

What are you gonna do when you cant see your lovely blog as the government puts a ban on blogs?.The answer is simple just go to type in your blogs name or the blog you want to read there and click the access now button.Pkblogs website was launched as the governments of India,Pakistan and some other countries blocked blogspot.there was wide spread protest from the Indian blogging community against the government,when the goverment put a ban on blogspot blogs just after the Mumbai blasts recently.The indian blogosphere was completely paused for a while,with nobody able to view their blogs,as part of a preventive measure to fight further bans in future pkblogs website can be used.

K750i:The best Economical mobile with cool Features

K750i happens to be one of the best and economical model with a lot of features in the indian market.A new set would cost you around nearly Rs 10000,with it's cool features the price tag is just a teaser.K750i comes with a whole lot of cool features.k750i comes with a great camera with a 2 Mega pixel camera,but beleive me the camera is so sharp and clear that you can take great photographs with it.Camera also has auto focus feature and video recording feature.An advanced digital music player,Fm radio and fast download,Impressive graphics and super quality sounds are some of its very cool features.The sony ericsson k750i weighs just 99gms or 3.5 ounces.Available in colours 'Oxidized black' and 'Blasted silver'.screen is 176 x 220 pixels.One of the disadvantages of this phone is that it has a slightly older memory card version.


  • Integrated 2.o mega pixel camera with 4X digital zoom
  • Advanced digital music player with great sound quality
  • Plays streamed audio and video
  • Music Dj software
  • GPRS
  • Mega Bass
  • Bluetooth and infrared
  • Plays Radio FM
  • Wap 2.0
  • USB support & synchronisation with PC
Memory support
  • Memory Stick Duo™ support
  • Memory Stick PRO Duo™ support
  • Phone memory 34MB(Expandable)
  • No EDGE support
  • Lower quality touch orientation of keypad
  • Camera shutter sound cannot be switched off on some versions
  • Menu animation cant be switched off

Playstation 3:A Review

Playstaion 3 is on the stands and it comes with a slick design.

Sony Playstation 3 happens to be sony's 7th generation video game console.Third in the playstation series.Playstation 3 seems to be facing some good competition already from Microsoft's X-box 360 and Nintendo's Wii.

Playstation 3 was first released in Japan on november 11th,and later in the US,Canada,Hong Kong and Taiwan on november 17th. But sadly the PS3 will be available in Europe and Australia only after march 2007.The basic configuration of the PS3 console has a 20gb internal hard drive,While the premium version comes with a 60Gb Serial ATA harddisk.
Let us take a look at the features of premium and Basic configured PS3 console's:

PS3 Launched 15 game titles including Need for speed Carbon.It would take a long time for PS3 to reach india mean while try the X-Box 360 out.

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