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Gahooyoogle:Search Engine with a difference!!

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Yes gahooyoogle is a search engine with a difference.It combines two Giant search engines Google and Yahoo.I have been looking for a site like this,where i could search both yahoo and google.I firmly beleive that google is better than yahoo by all means.Google gives you the most relevant pages first,while i think it is meessed up with yahoo.Gahooyoogle brings search results from both Yahoo and google,The screen get's split to yahoo search and google search.Htis website is less time consuming.this website is proving to be convenient for many net surfers,who are busy to search both yahoo and gives a wide range of services,like adding the gahooyoogle search bar to your blog/webpage etc,just like the one below:

Please add your comments,Is the blog's content poor?,Am i doing good?,I am new to blogging so please add comments


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