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Battle of the Browser's[Internet explorer 7 vs Mozilla firefox 2]

Yet another battle in the Internet space,but this time it is between two giants from the browser world.Two of the world's best Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer,both have released their new versions Firefox 2.0 and IE explorer 7 respectievely.IE explorer 7 is microsoft's browser update after 5 year's.

Let us take a look at their advantages:
Internet explorer 7

  • Built in Tabbed browsing[Already their in firefox 1.5]
  • Antiphishing technology
  • RSS reader
  • Redesigned favourites center
Firefox 2.0
  • Built in Antiphishing technology
  • Session restore
  • Inline Spell checking
  • Search Engine suggestion's
  • Tabbed browsing already in firefox 1.5
  • Available for Window's,Mac and Linux
  • Image Hosted by
The Disadvantages
Internet Explorer 7
  • Limited to WINDOWS XP SP 2 User's
  • Installation requires a reboot
  • Doesn't yet comply with current Web standards
  • Cant Match the features of Firefox and Opera
  • Reuses the old internet explorer 6 code
  • Doesn't yet pass the Web Standards Project Acid2 test.
  • 1.5 version add-ons break in 2.0
  • No thumbnail previews
Here is a picture of stats of visitor's from my old blog,which had 3500+ visitor's
Image Hosted by
Advantages of Firefox 2.o
  • Firefox offer's you more security than Internet Explorer.
  • Firefox is faster than Internet explorer
  • Better browsing experience with tabbed browsing etc...

Bottom Line
Firefox is better than Internet explorer in all ways.I would prefer Firefox 2.o over microsoft's
Internet explorer.Firefox can be downloaded from here.


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